Selected, not by popularity or ability, but by concept and story.
We have opened the newest sake select shop in Tokyo.

Actually, there are more than 1400 sake brewery in Japan.
However, only a handful of sake is sold on the big market of Tokyo.

We, wondering that other sakes might be underrated, visited many rural breweries numerous times.
Every time we went, we were moved by the passion of brewers,
and every sake we tasted, was incredibly unique and diverse in flavor.

Sparkling sake, like champagne.
Terroir emphasized sake, like wine.
Vintage sake, which gets more and more attractive as it ages.

All those impressions we had for sake, like
“sake is for the elderly”
“sake is difficult to understand”
was only our imagination.

Actually, sake is cool. And stylish.

We want to deliver the passion of the all the breweries we love.
Feel and enjoy the ‘coolness’ of sake.