You can enjoy more than 150 kinds of sake from breweries all over Japan in the finest state of preservation. We handle several rare sakes which you can rarely drink in Tokyo, including 9 sake which only 未来日本酒店 handles.

Don’t miss our precious vintage, terroir, raw & fresh sake our buyers carefully selected.


You can enjoy all the sake in 未来日本酒店 select store in a wineglass except for sparkling sake.

We provide our sake from 300yen per glass, and you can enjoy more than 80% of our sake in no more than 500yen per glass.

We also have appetizers we selected from all over Japan. Please find your favorite sake at the bar.


You can enjoy free-flowing drink in 3500yen per person, except for some sake from the luxury category.
We will get the check first, and you can bring and enjoy any bottle you want in your seat.
You can bring no more than 3 bottles per person.
If you want to change your bottle, please come to the 未来日本酒店 select store.